Amazon: What if Nazis won WWII?

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle, an original series produced by Amazon that takes place in an alternate reality where World War II is won by the Axis Powers and rules most of the United States, premieres its first season Nov 20. The trailer for this series is shown below:


To market the show, Amazon took the 42nd Street shuttle that runs from Grand Central to Times Square and decorated it with Nazi and Imperial Japanese regalia. On one side of the subway car, the train seats are coated with the Nazi-Alternative of the American flag- where the 50 stars are replaced with a Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle) that was used primarily in Hitler-era Germany. Opposite to this is the Rising Sun flag which was used by the Japanese military during the same period- stylized with America’s colors.


This campaign, though creative, received immediate backlash over social media.

After a number of complaints, Amazon took the campaign down.

The way Amazon went about advertising for this show is quite puzzling. Not only because it took place in New York City -which happens to be one of the most diverse populations in the country, not to mention America’s largest Jewish population; but more so because the passengers of the subway are most likely have no clue about the show or that it exists; leaving them in a train offensively decorated with no reason what so ever.

What do you think about Amazon’s marketing campaign? Do you think it was effective? Could they have gone about this differently?




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